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on-demand improv training that makes you a better speaker

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most people fear public speaking more than death...

let's make death #1 again!
Speechless+ features hours of improv-based training, scientifically proven to help you make your point -- no matter what stage you're on.

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Follow your joy. Our classes strengthen key speaking skills by putting fun first.


It's all about consistency. Get your presenting reps in with bite-sized sessions.


Over time, feel more eloquent, comfortable, and confident being heard.

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expert instructors

Our coaches include Broadway performers, executive coaches, mindfulness teachers, comedians, and more. Each draws on their unique experience and style to help you amplify your unique, authentic voice.

backed by science

We've spent years working alongside advisor and UCSF neuroscientist Dr. Charles Limb to understand how improvisation can improve communication, flexibility, and coherence. Our training is based on groundbreaking research and backed by world-class scientists.

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improv thinkers!

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“I’ve been in a funk with a job change and bad habits. I knew I needed to shift my frame, but wasn’t quite sure how. On my drive to work I put on Speechless+ and played along to a bunch of exercises. Total game changer. Today has been different in every way.”

Kelly M.

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<p>Kelly M.</p>, <p>On Facebook</p>

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with something? Find it here! 

Or write us at hello@speechlessplus.com

Who are you people???

Founded in Silicon Valley and raised on improv theater, Speechless bridges the gap between technology, comedy, and creative expression.

We work with world-class researchers, coaches, and performers to design improv-based, science-backed training and creative experiences that foster authenticity and build key skills.

Since 2013, our team has worked with 60,000+ professionals on 6 continents and innovative companies from Google to Disney -- and we've had a ton of fun doing it. Now we're bringing our training to the masses with our on-demand training platform Speechless+.

Is Speechless+ an improv class?

Nope. Our classes use core principles of improv thinking like "follow the joy" and "yes and" to help you feel more confident being heard, and more adaptable in the face of daily challenges. But we're not going to prep you for SNL, or ask you to do an impression of "Steampunk Batman" or anything (although, we would like to see that...).

What's included in my S+ membership?

Your Speechless+ membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos and trainings (plus new content published regularly!), an invitation to our private member community, and live group practice sessions led by our expert instructors.

What are some ways I can use S+ in my everyday life?

Here are some of the ways our members use Speechless+: 

  • Practice speaking. Get "reps" in in a low-stakes setting.

  • Get more comfortable communicating at work, at home, or at play.

  • Check-in before a meeting or presentation to warm up your speaking muscles and calm your nerves.

  • Structure a killer talk or presentation. Our trainings guide you through creating a great presentation, from creating the story to sticking the closing.

  • Get into your flow state and beat creative block. Whether you're preparing a talk or just hitting the email wall, S+ vids help you get unstuck.

  • Take a quick break from heads-down work to re-focus and feel refreshed before your next sprint.

  • Incorporate into your morning or nighttime routine to lift your mood, ground yourself, and feel more flexible in the face of change.

  • Transition times: When you need to transition from family to work and work to family, we can help you refocus so you are present in the moment and ready for the task at hand. 

  • Just because it's fun! Maybe the best reason to use S+? Because it's just a good time. Let us guide you through exercises with your family, friends, or pet frog (is that a thing?). Speechless is fun alone, or with company.

How do I search videos on the platform?

When you log in to S+ you'll see several dropdown filters under the header image on our catalog page.

Filter videos by:

  • category

  • type

  • length

  • instructor

  • activity level

  • verbal v. non-verbal

  • materials needed (some of our exercises use pen and paper!).

    If you're on a video page, simply click on the Speechless+ logo at the top to navigate back to the main catalog page.

How do I access the S+ Facebook community?

Our private member facebook group is a dedicated space for members only to join live group training, share ideas, post articles, learn tips, give feedback, discuss new features and s’more.

When you join Speechless+ we'll send you a private invite to our facebook group for Speechless+ members. If you can't find the invitation, click
here and we’ll help you get set up.

If you have an account or technical issue, send our team a note at hello@speechlessplus.com and we’ll help you out!

Can I cancel my membership if I don't like it?

Absolutely. We think you're gonna love it, but if for some reason you're not sold on Speechless+, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Just follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page (please note there are no partial refunds for unused membership periods).

Where do I start?

New to S+? we recommend watching our "Getting Started" series and the "POINT" classes in our public speaking category.